Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Impact Of Migration on Population Structure: Barra


BARRA is an island in the Outer Hebrides that has long experienced depopulation.

Affect on population pyramid:

  • A relatively high proportion of elderly people, who may retire to Barra, or due to a lack of mobility can't leave
  • Compared to Scotland's national average there are relatively few people of working age - perhaps due to lack of job oppurtunities
  • The birth rate is in decline
Some Facts:

-The Ministry of ddefence has axed 125 jobs in the Hebrides

-The Hebrides population has declined from 30, 711 people in 1981 to 29,600 in 2001.

-On the island on Scalpay there are no children left under the age of 7

-As of 2001 26 islands had no inhabitants

  1. Young families are leaving for the mainland/abroad
  2. Replaced by people retiring there or young people wanting jobs with the local authority or health board
  3. Those Young professionals are not raising families in the area
  4. Houses only have one or two people in
  5. Young People leave for further education
  6. Not viable making a living in some of the traditional ways any more eg working croft
However, some places have tourist industries, including Barra, which help bring employment and revenue to the area, and the Scottish Executive has a Air Discount Scheme which provides a 40% discount on flights to the islands. Other nearby islands like Fair Isle attract tourists with their bird sanctuaries. 

Barra's Tourism Website:

Barra's YouTube Page:

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