Friday, 19 April 2013

Case Study: US Health system and French Health System

USA: Free market health care provision 
  • Based on the principles of a free market economy
  • Extremely privatised
  • Most care providers are privately run organisations
  • There are a few federal, state, county and city run facilities
  • 65% of hospitals are privately run not-for profit organisations
  • Per Capita expenditure on health was US$6714 in 2006
  • One of the most expensive models in the world
  • Usually provided through health insurance with 64% of the population having some sort of medical insurance plan
  • Insurance is often paid for by employers as part of a salary package - the health insurance alone is around US$10,000 per year to an employee and their family
  • Health insurance companies operate to make a profit
  • Recently introduced some governmental support - all Americans over the age of 65 have access to Medicare
  • Medicaid provides basic state provided health care for the poorest people but not comprehensive cover - 14 million people still have no acces to healthcare
  • Around 15% of the US population (45 million) does not have any health insurance
  • Mainly funded by the government 
  • Administrated through a number of social insurance schemes
  • In 2004 80% of the population were covered by the main State regulated insurer
  • Individuals must pay a compulsory health insurance of 0.75% of their earnings which is deducted from their salary
  • Their employer then makes a 12.08% contribution
  • About 85% of the population also pay a voluntary top-up premium of 2.5% of their income to make sure all their health costs are fully reimbursed
  • Recently introduced a system of health coverage CMU so that those earning less than 6600 euros don't have to make any health insurance payments
  • Provided by general physicians
  • No restrictions on where doctors can set up their practises
  • Individuals have the choice of using more than one general physician
  • You can demand access to hospitals and specialist services without a referral from a general physician

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