Monday, 8 April 2013

Beach Management: Groynes

  • Hard Engineering
  • Prevent longshore drift, holdng the beach in place
  • Beach provides a buffer zone which reduces cliff erosion
Case Study: Swanage Bay Beach
  • In Swanage, the groynes are only built up to the end of the town so it is protected while allowing  natural processes to continue beyond the town
  • New timber groynes were built to replace old ones in 2005-6
  • The old groynes had been in place for 75 years
  1. Keeps beach in place for tourists
  2. Doesn’t look as unnatural as some other hard management schemes
  3. Relatively easy to maintain
  4. Cheaper than a sea wall

  1. Inhibits people’s movement on the beach, making it less usable for elderly people and dogwalkers especially as they make the beach uneven
  2. Needs maintenance
  3. May have knock on effects where the groynes end, exposing area beyond the groynes to greater erosion

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