Monday, 4 March 2013

Tourism Key Definitions

 Mass tourism                        large numbers of visitors, often on package holidays, with accommodation and travel arranged for them
 infrastructure for tourism    support structures and services for visitors such as airports, hotels, electricity, tour agencies
 ecotourism                            it involves protecting the environment and the ways of life of local people, and spreading the benefits of tourism to them
 multiplier effect                   spin-off from one business growing, allowing other businesses to grow as well
 stewardship                          entrusted to look after and manage places and areas
 fragile environment               place where wildlife and landscape are easily damaged by outsiders, often because it is a struggle for life to survive there
 adventure holidays                more active tourism, with more risk, often off the beaten track, in more unusual destinations
 positive effects                    advantages, benefits, things that help economies and people
 extreme environment            difficult places for humans to live in or visit, often due to hostile climate, sometimes due to inaccessible terrain
 national park                         area set aside to protect landscapes and habitats, and managed to stop visitor damage
 negative effects                   disadvantages, costs, things that damage the environment or badly affect the economy and people
 sustainable development       growth of activities working with the environment for a long future, looking after the needs of future generations
 conservation                         measures taken to preserve what is there, to maintain landscapes and ecosystems, to look after historic buildings
 external factor                     something unrelated to tourism, which affects tourist numbers, such as the economy, exchange rates, wars and terrorism
 management strategies         ways to control development and change, to preserve and conserve, to plan for a sustainable future

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