Friday, 15 March 2013


Kashmir Earthquake

Prediction techniques
China is working closely with Pakistan on predicting when earthquakes are likely to happen – using the technology that China has in place to monitor.
Preparation for earthquakes
The UNDP - Developing a range of programme to analyse the risks of a disaster in different areas.
The Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority:
•Use hazard mapping to plan development
 Assess risks and vulnerabilities of the public infrastructures (Schools, Hospitals etc.) and private housing. 
 Review the impact of settlement pattern and land use practices and options in high risk areas.
• Prepare policies on emergency preparedness, response and post disaster recovery.

Protection techniques
UNDP’S - Earthquake Recovery Programme (ERP) was actively involved in combating the ongoing issue of landslides through implementing innovative and cost-effective techniques of slope stabilization in local communities.
Earthquake proof schools in the Kashmir region.
Teaching those in the construction business about how to earthquake proof building designs.

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