Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Population and Resources

OVERPOPULATION is when the population of an area is too excessive relative to the technology and resources available for the inhabitants of that area to maintain a decent standard of life.

It implies that with no change in the level of technology or resources a reduction in population would lead to an increase in living standards.

It is not always associated with countries with high densities of population, but desert countries like Burkina Faso may have a low carrying capacity.

Characterized by:

  1. Low GNP per capita
  2. High Population density
  3. Net Migration Loss
UNDERPOPULATION is when there is not enough people in a country to efficiently use its resources.

An increase in population would mean a more efficient use of resource and increased living standards for all inhabitants. By 2015 Canada could have double it's inhabitants and still maintain its standard of living.

OPTIMUM POPULATION is the number of people when working efficiently with all the available resources and technology that produces the highest quality of life.

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