Friday, 3 May 2013

Tobacco TNCs

Brands: Camels, Malboro, Prince, More, Mayfair
TNCs: Phillip Morris International, China National Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International

(Not so fun) Facts:

  • 5 trillion cigarettes are produced per year globally
  • Tobacco is smoked by over 1 billion customers around the world every day
  • Around 6 million people die globally each year from smoking
  • Globally there are between 8,00 to 14,000 cigarettes produced every minute

China is the biggest market with 350 million smokers consuming 1800 billion cigarettes each year.

It accounts for 35% of the global market.

70% of chinese men smoke, but only 4% of women.

The industry in China is owned by the State.

The Chinese National Tobacco Company was worth $91.7 billion in 2010.

The Health Risks of Smoking:

  • Heart attacks and strokes - Smokers are 5x more likely to have a heart attack than non smokers
  • Cancer - Oral, throat, lung, cervical
  • Other lung problems like Emphysema

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