Monday, 20 May 2013

Fieldwork: Risk Assessment

There was a pre-visit to the dunes by staff.

We discussed possible risks in groups and as a class did a risk assessment, looking at the site on google earth to help us.

  • Sharp Dune grass causing cuts on fingers
  • Sand blowing into eyes
  • Eating poisonous plants
  • Being cut off by high tide
  • Snake bite, more serious with a venomous bite than a dry bite
  • Verbal abuse and possible physical harm from members of the public
We assigned the risks with a Severity Score and a Likelihood score each out of 5, then used these to determine an overall risk score.

eg  Sand blowing into eyes = Likelihood score: 4   Severity Score: 1   Total risk score:   4
How we would combat this: Student briefing and carrying a first aid kit with eye wash.

Snake bite   Likelihood Score: 2    Severity Score: 4    Total Risk score: 8
How we would combat this: Student brief, wearing appropriate clothing like walking boots, checking where putting quadrat down, having mobile phones to call 999

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