Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Vital Rates!!!

Birth Rate is the number of births per a 1000 in a year
UK 12       Niger 50      Monaco 7

Death Rate is the number of deaths per 1000 in a year
UK 10        UAE 2       Angola 23

Natural Increase is the number of extra people, and is calculated by: Birth rate-Death Rate
It is usually given as a percentage and doesn't account for migration.

Life Expectancy is the age until which a person, on average, is expected to live.
UK 80        Monaco 90      Angola 39

Infant Mortality Rate is the annual number of deaths in infants under 1 year old per a 1000 live births.
UK 5          Angola 176      Monaco 2

Fertility  is a broad term used to cover all the aspects of a population's reproductive performance.

Population Structure How a population is made up of people of different ages and gender.

Dependency Ratio is a measure showing the ratio of dependents (aged 0-14 and over the age of 65) to the working population.
UK 53.8% Dependent

Overpopulation occurs when the resources and technology of a country are not sufficient to maintain an adequate standard of living for the people of that country. eg Bangladesh

Underpopulation occurs when there are far more resources in an area than the people who live there could possibly use. eg Canada

Optimum Population is a theory that the population of a country when working with all the resources available produces the highest per capita economic return, so giving the highest possible standard of living. eg Norway

Resources  are features that are needed and used by people, consists of human and physical, and renewable/non-renewable.

Gross domestic product per capita is the monetary value of all goods and services produced in a country minus it's total population.
UK $35,000   USA $39,000   Qatar $102,000   Berundi $3000

Migration is entering and settling in a country to which one is not native

Emigration is the movement of a person or persons out of a country or national region for the purposes of permanent relocation of residence

Immigration is the movement of persons from one country or locality to another

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