Sunday, 13 January 2013

Soft Engineering!

Soft Engineering is the use of ecological principles to stabilize the river banks, while improving aesthetics, enhancing habitats and saving money. It uses vegetation and other materials to soften the land-water surface.

  • Flood Abatement
  • Improved flood Predictions and warnings
  • Floodplain zoning
  • Designing Building that can cope with being flooded
Flood Abatement includes:
          -Contour ploughing
          -Riverbank Conservation


Floodplain Zoning


Improved Forecasting and Warnings

severe flood warnings flood warnings flood alerts Frrom the Environmental Agency in the UK.

Designing buildings that can cope with being flooded

- Waterproof coatings and coverings
-Windows elevated above flood level
-Concrete bottom step so it drys quicker
-Lime based plaster or cement walls means that they dry quicker
-Stainless steel kitchen appliances
-Moveable barriers to seal openings like doors
-Raising electricity sockets

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