Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Risk of erosion

It's a global phenomenon 
  • Damages areas where runoff ends up
  • degrades land that is eroded
  • reduces crop yields
  • eroded soil damages dams, rivers, lakes, buildings and roads
  • Occurs particularly on steeper slopes, on eroidable soils under crops vulnerable to erosion and where unwise farming methods are practised
  • In uplands caused by overgrazing and footpaths
Very High Risk:
Rills likely to form in most years and gullies may develop in very wet periods

High Risk:
Rills are likely to develop in most seasons during wet periods

Sediment may be seen running to roads, ditches or watercourses
Rills may develop in some seasons during very wet periods

Sediment is rarely seen to move but polluting runoff may enter ditches or watercourses

Crops' susceptibility to erosion:

High: Winter cereals, potatoes, maize, sugar beet
Moderate: Winter forage crops eg turnips, oil-seed rape
Low: Permanent grass, woodland

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