Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Types of Ecosystems

from the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment reporting catergories

Marine - Ocean deeper than 50m

Coastal - Interface between ocean and land

Inland Water - Permanent water bodies and areas dominated by regular flooding that are inland from the coast

Forest - Land that is at least 40% covered by woody plants taller than 5m
Rainforest Wallpaper

Dryland - Land where annual precipitation is less than two thirds of potential evaporation
File:Kenya scrubland.jpg

Islands -Land surrounded by water with a high proportion of coast to hinterland

Mountains - Land surrounded by water and with a high proportion of coast to hinterland

Polar - High Latitude systems frozen for most of the year

Cultivated - Land dominated by agriculture including orchards or forestry

Urban - Built environments with high human density and population of 5000 or more

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